What is an adult adoption? How do you adopt an adult?

How to adopt an adult - Los Angeles adult adoption attorneySPECIAL NOTICE: Randy does his consultations (approximately 30 minutes and free) by phone. There is no need to leave your home, so no coronavirus worries. To schedule your free consultation, complete the Adult Adoption Questionnaire.

BIG NEWS UPDATE: Due to Covid-19 the Los Angeles County court has a new policy. Now, if the attorney knows the special procedures - which Randy does - adoptions can be finalized WITHOUT a court appearance by the adopting parent(s) and adoptee, and the process is usually completed in 1-2 months, start-to-finish.

Adoption isn't just for children. Actually, adult adoption (adopting a person aged 18 or over) is quite common. But many people still wonder, "Can I adopt an adult?"

Adopting an adult person creates a parent and child relationship, and legally terminates the parental relationship of the parent who is being displaced. After adoption, the same benefits and responsibilities exist as if the adoptee was born to the adopting parent.

Adult Step Parent Adoption Is the most common type of adult adoption.

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Most adult adoptions are by a step parent. Often they did not do the adoption when the adoptee was a child due to the fact the absent parent would not consent. An adult adoption does not require the absent parent's consent, however. Also, if desired, an adult adoption even gives you the chance to do a free name change (such as the adoptee taking the last name of the adopting parent). But not every adult adoption is a step parent adoption, as where the adoptee has formed a strong relationship with replacement parenting figures, whether a couple, or a single woman or man.

Does Los Angeles County require a home study or investigation?

No. Because there are no children involved, there is no legal requirement for a home study or investigation in adult adoptions. This saves time and money. Without the requirement of a home study or investigation, most of Randy's clients are are able to finalize their adoption without ever having to go to court, and take only one-two months of starting the process.

What paperwork is required when adopting an adult in Los Angeles County?

The only negative thing when you adopt an adult is it actually involves more  legal paperwork than some other types of adoption. The Los Angeles Superior Court does not have pre-printed forms for adult adoption as exists for the adoption of a minor, as the laws and procedures are completely different. This mean that each document must be custom drafted, outside the realm of most non-attorneys. Randy's job is to do all those forms, so all  you have to do is sign them. There are usually 7-10 documents to be prepared and filed, including the Adult Petition for Adoption  (to see a sample click here), the Adult Adoption Agreement,  the Spousal Consent to Adult Adoption  (if the adoptive parent or adoptee is married), the Order of Adoption, and the VS-44 (to create the amended birth certificate if desired). All this is done for the flat legal fee of $1,500. In the rare cases where the adoptee wants to be adopted and also have their existing parents keep their parental rights (so the adoptee could have three or four legal parents) this is now possible effective January 1, 2020 due to a new law Randy co-authored. This involves additional legal paperwork and an extra fee of $275.

What are Randy's qualifications and fees?

Adult adoption lawyer serving Los Angeles, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Long Beach, Covina, Encino, Tarzana, Pasadena Randy has been an adoption attorney for 34 years, limiting his practice to adoption. He has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, is profiled on Wikipedia, and has a 5-star client rating on Avvo, Yelp and Google. He is a member of the Academy of California Adoption Lawyers. Please see the links below for client reviews and to view his credentials, or learn about his background and experience at About Randy. Randy charges a flat fee of $1,500 to do a standard adult adoption (compared to most attorneys who charge hourly). With a flat fee you will know the exact cost of your adoption in advance. His fee includes the preparation of all required legal documents, setting the hearing date, appearing with you in court (although Randy can get this waived with new special procedures and documents under new Covid-19 rules) and all office costs (postage, mileage, et cetera). There is no required investigation (so no fee), and Randy pays the court filing fee, so no expense to you.

How Do We Get Started?

The initial consultation with Randy is free and can be done over the phone or by Zoom (video). It takes approximately 30 minutes. If you wish to call him first, he is happy to answer a quick question or two: 818-582-2374. Or you can email him at Randy@StepparentAdoptionCenter.org

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Very good experience with Randy. He was very organized. He was so organized and there was not a single i that wasn't dotted. We did an adult adoption to adopt my coast guard daughter. Everything was exactly what he described and it was very simple. He's a good man.

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Mr. Hicks is the BEST. He is fat and very detail oriented. Our adoption was fast and pleasant, thank you so much Mr. Hicks.

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