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Hi, my name is Randy Hicks. As an attorney I limit my practice to adoption and have done so for 35 years. I particularly focus on step parent adoption and adult adoption. My goal is to make both stepparent and adult adoptions fast (only a few months start to finish), affordable and worry-free.

Home of the $1,500 Flat Fee . . .

I understand you want to know in advance what your stepparent adoption will cost, so I have a flat fee of $1,500 for uncontested stepparent adoptions (& adult adoptions). Most family law attorneys charge you hourly, so you have only a vague idea what the final cost will be. I think this is understandably worrisome, so I have a guaranteed flat fee for stepparent adoptions with a consenting absent parent. Even if the adoption has an unknown, unfindable or uncooperative parent, I have affordable fees for such situations.

Step-parent adoption lawyer in Los Angeles.How to do a Step parent adoption in Los Angeles

Although the laws governing how to adopt a stepchild are the same throughout California, every county has its own slightly different rules and procedures, such as the filing fee, the entity doing the stepparent investigation, how long it takes to get a court date to finalize the adoption, procedural rules the attorney must follow, et cetera. I've prepared a fairly detailed step-by-step Q & A review of the stepparent adoption process in Los Angeles County for you, which you can read here.

It's easy to get started…

STEP ONE: Read Randy's Q & A review of stepparent laws and procedures in Los Angeles County. If you don't live in Los Angeles County and instead live in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino or San Diego County, please click here for information about those counties. You are welcome to call Randy to get acquainted and he will be happy to answer a question or two. For a full consultation, however (about 30 minutes), you need to first fill out a short questionnaire, which gives him the needed details about your case to fully advise you. There is no charge for the initial consultation.

STEP TWO: After your consultation, if you elect to go forward, Randy will email you his short and simple retainer. Unless your case has a non-consenting absent parent, or other special legal challenge, it will specify his flat fee of $1,500. Each stepparent adoption requires an agency investigation which is $700, $64 fingerprinting fee for the adopting parent, and the court filing fee is $160. So your total cost will be $2,424.

STEP THREE: Upon receiving your retainer, within 1-2 business days Randy will have the Adoption Request  and required attachments prepared and emailed to you to sign and return to him, at which time he will file it with the court and the process begins. He will continue to work with you until he appears with you in court to finalize the adoption, usually approximately four months later.